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CNS Communications, LLC was founded in 1998 and began offering solutions in the General and ELectrical Contracting sector. In the last ten years under power systems IDIQ contract, CNS has provided Engineering and Installation services to the FAA. These projects include, but are not limited to-engine generators and associated mechanical systems, UPS and associated batteries and equipment, FST systems (both UST and AST) with associated monitoring systems and safety upgrades, and ACEPS replacement/modifications/upgrades.


CNS has also acted as the key conduit in supplying the liaison(s) between the FAA and Local Government, or Governing Authority to obtain permits, management of related documentations, and all tasks related to project kickoff and successful completion. CNS has partnered with various successful, highly skilled Engineers to design, upgrade, troubleshoot, and detail short circuit-coordination studies. Our value, skills, experience, and knowledge of the industry has crafted us to handle multiple projects throughout the global network (not only on the existing IDIQ but other FAA projects throughout the three super regions of the FAA). We pride ourselves on prompt, knowledgeable responses to the needs of our clients and partners. CNS has secured the quality management needed to maintain all levels of responsibility to accomplish and fulfill results.

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